Sunday, March 9, 2014

Josh's Birthday - 5 years old

Hard to believe that Josh is turning 5 years old this year. When I think of him as a baby I see lots of fat rolls, a big gummy smile, and slobber. He is getting so big and smart. He asks questions all day and doesn't like it when I don't have an answer for him, or he'll say, "Ugh...I'll just wait and ask dad when he gets home." My little smarty pants. He is learning how to read and is doing great so far! It's fun to watch his mind work and memorize sight words and sound words out. We had parent teacher conference for him this week and his teacher said she thinks Josh will do "big things" in his life. It was fun to hear about how he is in class. We are so proud of him!

On Saturday we surprised the big kids - mainly Josh - with tickets to Monster Jam. Nick went as a kid and thought Josh would like it too. We left Cora at home with the babysitter and I'm so glad we did! Those trucks are ridiculously loud! I saw a lady there with a 6 month old baby in a little carrier and felt so bad for the little guy. We all had ear plugs in and still found it really loud. Josh LOVED it and Maya was very entertained as well. Nick said she would ask him a question every 2 minutes or so. I'm glad she didn't get bored.

He was asleep 5 minutes into our car drive home. It was already after 10pm and way past his bedtime.

Yesterday was his actual birthday - March 8. He's never had a real party so we decided to do one for him this year. He asked me everyday leading up to Saturday, "Okay mom, how many more days do I have now?" He chose a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party. Some might say I spent too much time on Pinterest looking up ideas. Some might say I spent too much time sewing and creating stuff for goody bags, but I can tell you it brought Josh so much joy! I made some felt eye masks and he just couldn't stop smiling when he got to try them on. I spray painted pie tins for the boys to wear as turtle shells -- kind of a flop. Only 3 boys wanted to put them on. I also decided to make each of the boys a ninja turtle beanbag to take home. We used them for one of the games that Maya was in charge of. All of the hard work was worth it. Josh woke up in the middle of the night recently and needed to use the bathroom. As I was helping him he walked up to me and in his half-asleep state hugged me and said, "Fank you for all the fings you are making for my party, mama." He's such a sweetie. It was fun to watch him play with his little buddies yesterday. He seems like such a big kid now. You could tell after present time that he was ready for the party to be over. He wanted to dig into his new Legos so badly. He was patient and waited until everyone left. Happy Birthday, Bud!

His favorite birthday treat cereals. He was so excited when he woke up to these! <

Cora enjoyed trying the eye mask and turtle shell on as well. Maya's school has a book swap every Wednesday during recess. She took a couple of books in and was so excited to find a Curious George book for Josh! He loves George right now.

The boys each painted a wooden turtle when they first arrived. After that, we played the bean bag game and "Pin the eyemask on the Ninja Turtle." Maya was in charge of the games and did an awesome job with a group of crazy boys!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Surviving winter - 2014

It has been an awful winter. Record breaking low temps and tons of snow. The kids have had at least 4-5 "snow" days, but school is usually cancelled because of how cold it feels. Last week we had 2 days of -20 to -30 temps. It was pretty miserable out. We're lucky that the kids love being home. They keep busy playing library, restaurant, pet shop, drawing, crafting, and watching movies. I think we're ready to move on from the frigid cold - too bad it's only early February. Friday was nice. School was NOT cancelled and it was actually somewhat comfortable out. Cora and I went grocery shopping after we dropped the kids off at school. She was pleasant and content at the store....although she has the "scowl" on constantly, even when friendly fellow shoppers stop to talk to her. The sun was kind of shining, the kids have all been happy and healthy, and Nick and I are working on getting back in shape finally. It's been so fun to work on this together. Everyday we talk about how we did that day and how we can do better tomorrow. There are so many good things going on around us. Sometimes I get frustrated and down with this grey, cold weather, but today while driving I couldn't stop thinking about how happy and blessed I am. Some warmer weather will make life even better.

One day the kids ventured out and played in the yard with Nick. Cora and I stayed home - nice and toasty warm. They also went sledding but Cora and I stayed back again. They had a blast!


Cora started Nursery at church. (January 26, 2014) She doesn't love it yet and cries for awhile when we leave her, but she settles down quickly and her teacher hasn't had to come search for us. I peeked in at her about midway through today and she was trying to feed a baby doll with a little bottle. It melted my heart. She still had the scowl on her face, of course. Ha! I love my little grump.

A few weeks ago we went to the Detroit Science Museum. It has been a couple of years since we last had a membership, so the kids are older and more interested. Cora had just learned to walk about a week earlier, so she was all over the place and loved her new found freedom and independence. We watched an IMAX movie about the Arctic and went to a butterfly exhibit. I've kind of turned into a lame mom and don't take many pictures anymore. I got a few on my phone of Maya admiring a butterfly that had landed on her, but that's it as far as pictures.

Here are some random pictures of the last month or so:

Maya and Josh have really stepped up in helping around the house! I love Maya's sign she hung up while cleaning the bathroom.

Funny kid

Maya made a movie theatre for Josh and came up with yet another sign. My favorite part is, "Smart kids have fun." She made the ship in her art class. I was very impressed! She is so artistic.

Josh completed his behavior chart and was promised a small toy and date with mom. He chose a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle guy. I love this little man.

Well, that's about it for now!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas, 2013

Christmas this year was pretty low key. We had dinner with our dear friends on Christmas Eve and more awesome friends on Christmas. I have to admit, it was so nice to be off the hook for cooking either night. Nick had close to 2 weeks off from work - one of the Ford benefits I absolutely love. We each took turns napping and sleeping in. It was heavenly. We had a great time hanging out together as a family...we didn't do much of anything else. The kids had an extra few days added to their Christmas break because of snow and freezing cold temps. It was nice to not be on a real schedule.

I'm going to add a bunch of pictures now and call my Christmas post good. Enjoy!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!